Corner to Nowhere

It is my corner that leads to nowhere.


July 2015


Sometimes people tend to believe on something that is quite impossible to happen. They have this little inner voice that kept on saying that there is hope and things might eventually change.

There are certain happenings, scenarios and situations that have started even before you came into the picture. You will be shown a lot of things that you only thought can be seen in televisions and movies. You will be forced to fall in between the gap or be consumed by clashing thoughts.

Somehow, you’re now understanding why there is such a “Yin and Yang”, “Positive and Negative”, “Oil and Water”, “Logical and Irrational” and most specially SIMILARITIES and DIFFERENCES.

As a new player in the game, you will be having a roller coaster ride. Emotions would be flowing and there is a tendency that you will be overwhelmed by everything. There will be people who will treat you in an inconsistent way, at times they are easy to deal with and there are moments that there are very hard to discuss with. They will make you feel that they are your ally and yet you will be awakened that they are fiend of yours.

You have to be cautious and be aware of how people treat you, it is not being distrustful but it is better to be on guard rather than be sorry. Bear in mind the phrase “Calm before the storm”. It is usually a simple but very traumatic phrase.

Always remember that not all people whom you believe into will be unto you. Not everyone has the same heart.

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Their love story started

When they were young and tamed

It seems that it won’t be ended

And they both hope that it is ‘til the end.


They really both struggled

As a couple that won’t be separated

Facing all the trials without being scared

And they both hope that it is ‘til the end.


A lot of things happened

Since they had graduated

But staying in love is what they decided

And they both hope that it is ‘till the end.


Having this kind of kindred

Is a risk that they haven’t been engaged.

This is true love, as they defined.

And they both hope that it is ‘til the end.


Their love and passion won’t be erased

The word “FOREVER” in them can be realized

And thinking about their future makes me excited




Now that you’re gone

It seems that I’m all alone

And no one to lean on

Already incomplete as a person.


Along with you, my emotions are buried

Feelings which I cried

But no one should recognize

That I’m hiding this inside.


Myself is already shattered

My consciousness is confused

Because I’m just being deceive

By this heart that can’t conceive.


I should return to the place

The dungeon where there’s no grace

Tears are continuously flowing on my face

And nobody can change this pace.


I just have to imprison myself

Until someone get me out of this shelf

But I think no one is brave enough

To save me from this grief.


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How does it feel to be locked up on a place where no one will be able to reach you? What will you do to survive on a place filed with darkness? Will you continuously strive even for a single glimpse of light? Who knows… you might learn to love to be on such position…

How does it feel to be locked up on a place where no one will be able to reach you? No one can broadly define and describe the emotions that are connected on being imprisoned on a dungeon of darkness. It can be better to give up and die, than to suffer alone and having no hope at all… it can be compared when you thought there are a lot of people who truly values you, but when you extend your hands… no one will grab it… it is merely being ALONE… ALL ALONE!

What will you do to survive on a place filed of darkness? It will differ based on the person that is locked up in that cruel world… will you continuously hope that someone will be brave enough to pull you out of that world? Or will you just give up and accept the reality that whatever you will do, no one will do some effort to give shine on you? That’s why a lot of people commit suicide for the reason that they feel that they are already chained in the world of sorrow… you can’t blame them, they just thought that no one values them or even there are some who value them, it is not the person that they want to give importance to them… keep on STRUGGLING or to GIVE UP?

Will you continuously strive even for a single glimpse of light? Won’t you get tired from seeking even the slightest chance? It is hard to hope forever… If you already see the light, then so what? Does it shines towards you or you’re just getting the light from another person? If you succeed to find that light, and the other person whom you get the light will now be on your position, in the darkness… the cycle will still exists… it will just continuously going to repeat over and over again… if it happens that lights really belongs to you, then you’re lucky… only few have that kind of luck… to search FOREVER or NEVER?

Nothing in this world is constant… only CHANGE… the place of darkness that you used to hate, it might turned to be the place where you want to stay in… The place that no one will ever reach you; you won’t hope that there will be someone who will bring you back into the light, no one will ever hurt you again… the place that will be your COMFORT ZONE, than to be surrounded of friends who are there when you’re at the top and leave you when you’re already drowning into the sea of sadness and sorrow…


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Swirling. Singing. Dancing. Doing crazy stuffs to revert the attention that is filled of hurts, disappointments, hate and feeling of getting tired. One’s current outside life summarized in a week.

Super Sunday. A child filled with excitement and joy as she achieved something that she never thought she will be able to have. Thanking God and everyone who supported her throughout that journey. She felt that the world loves her so much. She is well aware that as this week starts, a new chapter of her life will unfold. Filled with confidence, faith and positive outlook, she ventures to a new world wherein she’s well unaware of. In a blast, something great happened. A dream that she always have is now right in front of her, she only now needs to get a hold of it. However, everyone that surrounds her is against to it. It is something below the expected to her. Despite them disagreeing to her decision, she still pursued the goal that she never thought would come to her.

Monday Madness. Starting off with the knowledge, skills, confidence and enthusiasm that she gained in the previous chapter of her life, she gambled and show off the result of the previous chapter’s achievement. Doing everything with burning passion, optimism, great confidence and a BIG SMILE. Everyone around her in the new environment that she just joined acknowledges her when she is there. She thought that money is nothing when you are working for something that you truly loves and believes into. She ignored the critic of her family, relatives and friends regarding her new adventure. She wished that everyone would eventually accept the decision that she made. “Be positive. Believe in yourself”, this is what she’s saying to herself to make her feel more motivated.

Tuneless Tuesday. As a child who grew up in a good environment, surrounded with people who loves and accepts her; she felt out of the pace when she was given a sight of the dark side of the good and fine new world that she went into. She never thought that the sparkle that she saw before she went there is just a mask that covers the things that made her amazed and salute to it. She doesn’t want to accept what she saw and just pretend that what she witnessed is just a nightmare. Continuing the things that she loves and setting that thing aside, she still sails to the sea that she doesn’t know what awaits her.

Wearing Wednesday………………..

It is still the middle of the week for her. But do you think what made her feel weary even it is too early before the weekends? This little girl might now regret pursuing a dream which everyone around her disagrees. What would happen on the next days of her life?

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Each life can be compared to a guitar… it is full of harmony, can produce melodies which can be happy or sad, depending on the person who is playing it. It is sometimes in tune or out of the tune.

My life is a music which is unarranged; but, you came to it and reorganize those notes so that I can lead to happiness. There are moments when I go out of the tune; but, you are always there to take me back to the right rhythm. You wanted me to have a tuneful life without any dead string at all. It is so nice to share with you the life which I owe to you.

We are both bound to play different music’s in our life and you always ensure that you help me out in dealing with those even it is a major or a minor one. You’re the only one that can make my world sound beautiful.

In a 1, 2, 3… Your string of life has been cut… The arrangement of my life is now ruined… It is so unfair… We’ve been far from each other for so long, but now that you left… The interval between us is now immeasurable. Now, who’s going to lead me throughout this journey?

Many of your friends had moved on and continue to strum and play their own music… and it seems that I’m the only one who is left behind, I try to produce sound from my guitar but it just create tears on my face because I know that whatever I do, I’m already OUT OF THE TUNE, and no one can teach me how to return to the right set-up.

Everything now is a mess, all things are already in pieces, and my life is broken… it seems that before I learn to play it again, I have to go back to the basic without the help of others… I just have to make myself in tune before I drag others music on its worst.

This journey should be in beat; but, even if it will be harmonize again… It can’t still produce the same sound that I have when I’m still with you. The sound that can’t ever be heard again, the sound that can’t ever be produced, the sound that will be buried along with you and my emotions.

It is already time to return the guitar on its case… it will take a long time before I will have the strength to strum and play songs with it; but, I know that when that time comes I’ll be able to produce a melodious tune once again.

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