Sometimes people tend to believe on something that is quite impossible to happen. They have this little inner voice that kept on saying that there is hope and things might eventually change.

There are certain happenings, scenarios and situations that have started even before you came into the picture. You will be shown a lot of things that you only thought can be seen in televisions and movies. You will be forced to fall in between the gap or be consumed by clashing thoughts.

Somehow, you’re now understanding why there is such a “Yin and Yang”, “Positive and Negative”, “Oil and Water”, “Logical and Irrational” and most specially SIMILARITIES and DIFFERENCES.

As a new player in the game, you will be having a roller coaster ride. Emotions would be flowing and there is a tendency that you will be overwhelmed by everything. There will be people who will treat you in an inconsistent way, at times they are easy to deal with and there are moments that there are very hard to discuss with. They will make you feel that they are your ally and yet you will be awakened that they are fiend of yours.

You have to be cautious and be aware of how people treat you, it is not being distrustful but it is better to be on guard rather than be sorry. Bear in mind the phrase “Calm before the storm”. It is usually a simple but very traumatic phrase.

Always remember that not all people whom you believe into will be unto you. Not everyone has the same heart.

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