Have you ever been in a situation wherein whatever you do, how hard you try your best and how much effort you give; it is still not enough and lacks in different aspects? On the other hand, committing a mistake, even how small and little, it creates an uproar?


Many might experience or suffer from being UNAPPRECIATED. You know the fact that doing everything you think that can make a certain scenario better, adjusting to things to make the unsteady into stable, accepting every word that are being thrown at you even though it doesn’t have a basis and pushing yourself to reach others “standards”; yet, it doesn’t matter at all. One more thing, even though you feel you accomplished something and be proud of it… suddenly a meteor will come crashing to you and make you realize that it is not worthy at all. Another? It is when you pour all of your efforts and dedication but the answer to it would be: “It is nothing compared to us!” Just want to ask… is there a rating in order for them to determine what is enough to be accepted as “Effort and Dedication”? Does being “physically” exhausted harder than being “mentally” tired? Does the location matters in terms of saying which one is giving “more”? Lastly, are those beauties in the shadows nothing compared to the ones in the spotlight?


In my own opinion, one of the things that causes the feeling of being unappreciated is C-O-M-P-A-R-I-S-O-N. I think it is quite obvious on this blog because of the questions I’ve written down on the previous paragraph. I hope that people can have the thinking that everyone is just like a puzzle piece: has a PLACE and VALUE.


The Highlighted. I guess everyone have committed a mistake and repent on it. I think there is no one who loves making a wrong “move” or decision, right? These are instances wherein you will be in between of two colliding walls. It just so happened that you will be caught in it, even though you explain your side, they will listen but not to respond rather it is for them to react. And worse, you’re really not the liable one for it. However, listening to their hurtful words and how does it make you feel after they say whatever they want to say just because you did the “wrong”… It can’t be reverted anymore. The funny part is, you won’t hear an apology for it and still, it is your fault.


When does right become wrong? It is when it favors them.

When does wrong become right? It is when it doesn’t favor them.


The world is full of trickery. When A committed a mistake, it is a sin and unforgivable. On the other hand, when B did the same, it is only natural and forgivable. Funny. Funny. Funny. Very. Very. Very.


I think there are some who are already saying “Can I throw the towel now? I am already beaten to the maximum extent.” It will be nice if when you are already having too much, a ringside bell will ring, so that you can take a break and relax before you continue on the next round. In this world, each individual has a morale that should not be stepped by anyone who doesn’t even know how to respect. Treatment may vary per person; however it must always be fair.


Life is about endurance and patience. You are the only one that can decide whether it is time to stop and proceed on a different path. Just always ask for God’s guidance and you will never be lost even if you don’t know where you are going because the Almighty sees what to appreciate on those “unappreciated” and “highlighted” the feeling of being sorry and the repentance for our mistakes.