Every girl must always feel beautiful and have the self confidence to walk on the ramp of this never ending show.

With all honesty, I seldom think that I’m pretty; though I joke about it sometimes but it doesn’t really mean that I do think so. I always think that I just don’t have what it takes to have the label “beautiful”.

I love wearing different kinds of clothes from boyish to very feminine ones. Having the feel of being a model though I’m really not. It just that it really feels nice when you can dress to express yourself. Wearing slippers to high heels, it is exciting to mix and match not only the dress and shoes but also to align it based on my mood.

At times, I also do some makeup on myself… Just simple touches… But, when a very dear friend of mine tried to put some more… It turned out so great that I can say with all confidence that I’m beautiful without adding the word “joke” at the end of my sentence. You know that kind of feeling that you’re star struck to yourself? It feels like “Oh! My Gosh!” Taking selfies here and there to have a remembrance of that moment. It is so amazing!

Of course at the end of the day, after removing those make up… I feel like I become Cinderella who just got home after the party. Though I don’t have a prince coming to me the next day.

I do love myself but it doesn’t mean that I always favor my side. After experiencing such great moment, I can always say that I might not have a very pretty face but I’m just beautiful me.