December 23, 2015


Today is your last day… OMG! No, don’t go to the light! Just kidding! Last day in our work. Time flies so fast. It seems that the 2 months that you render for your resignation just flew by and seems like, for me, to be just 2.3456789 days. Hahahahahaha!


With all honesty, I’m gonna miss you. Of course, there will no one who will feed me when I’m hungry. Anyways, there are a lot of moments that I will surely miss and will always remember.


First of all, I want to say thank you. That’s it! Hahahaha.. Just kidding…


Confidant. Thank you for always listening to my roller coaster whining and problems. For always hearing me out even if sometimes I’m like a stupid child who just say whatever I want to say when I complain. Though at times, we both have similar complains. For always being someone who’s ready to listen even I don’t want to speak; you’ll still make me feel that I can count on you. Thank you so much for keeping(?) my moaning confidential.


Supporter. Someone who always support me whenever I feel down and depressed. After Papple, left the company more than a year ago, you’ve been the one who become my back-up. You always make me feel that I should have confidence in myself and the decisions that I will make. You always side with me, though at times I’m irrational. You support my jokes and trippings in our office. Hahahahaha…


Father. Can I say this? Hahahahaha.. You’re Papa Bear, Sir Jensen is Papa Boar. When Papa Boar went to abroad, he didn’t even give us monetary support. He abandoned us! Hahahahaha! You adopted and welcomed us in your family. Sometimes, I see Papa Boar in you because you are the same size and weight, I think. You look out for us, become our shield (because you are big enough to do so) when bats are coming forth, always concern in our wellbeing, supply us with foods and coffee which Papa Boar didn’t do. Anyways, in this part I’m also teasing Papa Boar. Don’t worry, it is not quite obvious. Hahahahaha! Thank you for allowing me to act as your little mischievous adopted hija.


Friend. You’re a person who doesn’t get offended even how much I tease and joke on you. Someone who understands me in my mood swings and just always gives me food to shut me up. You are the one, you already!


As a whole, I would like to thank you for everything that you’ve done not only to me but also to my “siblings”. You’ve helped us so much. It would be impossible for me to enumerate how much I owe you. I hope that on the next chapter of your life, you will be successful; of course, I know you will be. Stay in touch, ok?


P.S. Can the supply of foods still continue even if you are already not in the office? Hahahahahaha!