I tried my best not to feel this way

But they made my resolve to sway

Can’t explain but I want to go away

The pain is too immeasurable to weigh.



My heart and mind is battling

And each day that I bear this feeling

I have the sensation that as if I’m falling

So sickening, that I might lose my footing.



Remembering that one decision

Makes me feel that I’m in delusion

Thinking back it is just my mere illusion

Now my emotional state is in confusion.



Others think that everything is fine

On the outside, it is like cloud nine

While in the inside, there’s a whine

A loud one that can make you recline.



They think that I’m being nonsense

Not knowing why this feeling commence

Hurting me to that point that it’s so immense

Can’t bear and making me so tense.



Would you blame me that I no longer care?

I’ve fought for a lot of their err

Suffered despair and nightmare

But they just shove it into nowhere.



Want to ask where did I go wrong?

I’ve done my best and go along.

Is this bond just a deception all along?

I don’t want this pain to prolong.



Is it just really my viewpoint?

That we’re perfect and can’t be out point.

Why did we reach this point?

All my happiness has been purloined.



Why? Why? Why?

Tears are flowing from the sky

Thinking that I fell from a place so high

Is this really the end and goodbye?