Every night, I set my alarm around 4:00 am in the morning. 4:10 am, 4:20 am and 4:30 am are the times that I set it. I’ll get up from my bed on my last alarm. However, there was a time when it didn’t happen.

I have this habit of waking up a minute before my alarm rings; one morning, I turned off my alarm for 4:20 am as soon as it rings. Of course, I know that I still have 10 more minutes left for my last alarm. I slept for few more minutes and when I suddenly felt that I have to take a shower, I grabbed my phone and checked what time it is… with a BIG SHOCK, it was already 4:45 am! That kind of feeling when you become so awake and because of the fact that I’m the type who dislikes being late, I moved x2 than the usual. With a bit of luck and the “Flash” moves, I didn’t arrive late on my work place. And take note, I still had a spare time to eat another set of breakfast on my way.


With so much things and works on my hand on that day, I didn’t had a chance to even have a “pause”. It was somehow like its coming one after another. It was so overwhelming because you haven’t started the next task then here comes two more! Time run so fast, online selling on my desktop and social networking sites on my personal phone (note: those are my main workloads). Without realizing what’s happening around me and just focusing on my work; my phone suddenly alarmed! It was the alarm that was supposedly set on 4:30 am not on 4:30 pm! Luckily, nobody noticed it, and I was like smiling all by myself because of that silly mistake that I did.


Oh well… that alarm was kind a helpful cause it made a pause on that busy day. This time, I’ll just make sure to properly set my alarm.