We all know that the hair of a woman is her crowning glory. It is really fascinating for the fact that it can have a lot of styles depending on one’s personality… and one of those is having different braids for it.


When I was young, my mother used to do my hairstyles. Everyday has a different hairstyle. I was really fond of the things that she did on my hair. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn how to style my hair the way she did… I can just do ponytails. So, I guess my hair is kind a sad because it wasn’t styled for so long.


There is this someone that goes by the name Aileen Antonio. At first, we were not that really close because we come from different departments. One time, I saw her doing a hairstyle for one of our workmate. I was really captivated on how she did the braid. It was like having stars on my eyes and the words “I also want that!” keeps on pooping in my mind. One time, I tried to ask her to do my hair… and luckily she agreed to do so. While she was doing it, it felt like a magic is being cast on me. Without even realizing it, it was already finished. She is so amazing; she can make you have not only a beautiful hairdo but as well as feeling confident about yourself.


At the present, I keep on asking her to do my hair. She never turned me down and it is something that I’m grateful to her. The magic on her hands keeps on getting better. Ooohhh~~~ I love her so much… to the extent that I’m already calling her “Morning Best friend”, for the reason that she styles my hair every morning.


Take note, if you will be able to have the chance to have your hair done by her… I assure you, that somehow, you will get the feeling that you will be attending a wedding.


This is also one of the things that I love when I have my hair on braids, the after effects of it on my hair. It became curly!


To Aileen, your talent to make other people feel happy and beautiful… it is one of your best qualities. No wonder God gave you such talent; he knows that it won’t go to waste. Thank you for always putting up a beautiful hairstyle for me!