With all actuality, I’ve been noticing that the sky, whenever I left our home, looks the same when I returned from work.


If you had read my previous blog about the “Epic Fail Alarm”, you already know that I woke up so early; take note that I only need an hour to prepare myself before leaving our home. The time that I need to report in our office is 8:45 am, though due to the place where I live… I have to allocate an allowance in order for me not to be late, not to mention that it is also due to the enormous traffic, so I guess you already have an idea how far my place is to my work.


You’re correct if you are thinking that I’m a bit lacking in sleep. During my transit, I sleep so that even just few minutes I can still have some power nap. When I reach our office, I also try to nap because most of the time, I arrive an hour early before our office hours. You might think that I should extend my sleep in our home so that I can have a complete rest; but I’m telling you, it would make my morning irritating. Just as I have mentioned, the enemy that I have is traffic so I can’t tell if I leave our home even just 10 minutes later than the usual time, I won’t be late. I already experienced leaving at my normal time but still, I reach our office 30 minutes after the reporting time. I really dislike being late so it will just affect my whole day whenever I’m late.


I can get see the sun and feel its presence during our lunch breaks because we eat outside our office. That is the time that I can savor its warm, though sometimes it is so agitating because it hurts the skin.


Sometimes, I encounter being sleepy during working. But as our policy states, it is not allowed to do so. I’ll just get a cup of coffee in believing that I’ll wake me up or if luckily, eat chocolates. Playing dance music can also make the sleepiness go away.


Finishing the day in our office would be around 6:00 PM, so there won’t be any sun when we leave the vicinity. It is also because we still spent some minutes in our office before going home. With all the exhaustion that we have for that day, of course, we feel sleepier. If you will ask, I’ll reach our home, if it is the usual time it will be around 8:30 PM, if unlucky I’ll be home at 10:00 PM. Moreover, when I’m already there the only thing that I’ll do is to lie in my bed, pray and sleep.


So, whenever it is Sunday… I do sleep so much to regain what I lost during Mondays to Saturdays.


P.S. That’s also one of the reasons why I don’t have much time to write in my blog.