While I am writing this, it is currently raining. Due to the weather, I recalled the time when I had an ambition that was not fulfilled and achieved.


I can’t exactly remember if it is before or during my first year high school that I started a somehow unique habit. The thing that is very clear and vivid in my memory is the weather on that day, it was raining. It just came on me, I think it is due to so much admiration that I have for Anime, the feeling to write stories from my imagination and/or something that is based on my own experiences. I think everyone knows that during high school days, it is frequently asked what we want to be in the future. During those times, I was certain and already believed that in the next years I will be a WRITER, more specifically a script writer.


In the entire time of my high school, I focused on developing that skill. I also joined the Journalism Club to gain more knowledge and I’m glad that I did, though it is really not my forte to write news. I can still remember that one of my articles for Literature was published in our school newspaper and our professor complimented me for that. At home after doing my home works (if I won’t watch Anime), I will write stories. I wrote several stories and I even had a notebook wherein all my concepts or ideas are written. I am really so pumped up to do this every now and then. The fulfillment that I have every time I write and finish a story is something so precious to me. My whole world revolved in writing and Anime on those times.


When I already reached the last year of my high school, I am decided that I will take Mass Communication and/or Creative Writing. In every university that I applied for, those are my chosen field or career. Though at first, my parents didn’t agree on me in choosing those courses, I eventually persuaded them to allow me to take either of the two.


I thought everything will go smoothly and I will soon achieve my dream but it seems that destiny didn’t allowed it. I didn’t pass in the university that I’m confident to pass. It made feel broken and sad. Of course, I had no choice, I want to go to college so I just randomly chose any course because I don’t care anymore, and I just want to study. After being accepted in an Institute (they don’t offer the course that I want) and pay all the necessary tuition fees, a news arrived. News saying that I do passed the university that I thought I failed. However, I won’t be able to take it because I am already accepted in a different school. I know that others might say that I should have grabbed it if I really want to take Mass Communication, but I don’t want the money of my parents go to waste because if I will back out on the institute that I enrolled, the money won’t be returned anymore. I just told myself that the reason why this happened is because God has a better plan for me.


During my first two years in college, I didn’t write anything anymore. I just focused on studying. After a certain hurtful incident, I started to write again because I used it as an outlet of my emotions. But afterwards, I stopped again because it reminded me of the time that I wasn’t able to be someone that I want to be.


One time, I just spoke about this matter on a special and dear friend of mine. She told me that I can still pursue my dream. I made me feel that I should do so.


Now that I’m currently working and it is related to the course that I took in College. I realized that I can start writing again and that’s why I have this blog right now. I’m so happy that I’m able to reopen this path.