Time flies so fast. I didn’t even realized that it’s been so long since I’ve been with you… but don’t worry, you’re always here in my heart… I really don’t know how should I put all my admiration and feelings for you thru words… as of this moment, I do really want to give you a super tight hug… so, here is my message for you…


Intelligence. A woman who possesses knowledge and it can’t be denied by anyone else. If there will be someone, I’ll punch them in their face. Since we were little, I do look up to you. Tried to imitate how you do things because I’m so amazed on how all those information are inside your brain. Moreover, I didn’t heard you boosting about this and still crave for more understanding. I’m so proud that I have such an amazing cousin. You’ll always be the number 1 for me.


Beauty and wit. Don’t have to emphasize on this. It’s so obvious and only in denial ones would say no to this. Beauty not only in the outside but as well as in the inside. A beauty that charms lot of people.


I think if I will lay down every characteristics that you have that I love, it will be endless. You’re such an amazing individual. Even when we were little, though the fact that I don’t have a sister, it is still clear to me how you treated me as your little sister. You’re concerned to me and always look out for me. You do really make me feel that I do have an older sister. All the advice and things that you’d helped me through, those might not have meanings to you but for me, those are priceless. The way you express your confidence in me, it is one of the things that make me so blessed.


Now, there is a lucky guy who will have you for the rest of his life. He is so blessed because you are the total package. I hope that he will treasure you and love you so much.


As you walk down the aisle today, I might not be there to witness that special event on your life. However, I know that you are so beautiful and filled with happiness. I do really wish to God to shower the new chapter of your life with lots of blessings. I’m so happy and proud of you.


Always remember that we might be apart, but I will always be with you. I love you so much!


Best wishes, Couz Karen!